Steel Oxy-Fuel Cutting

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Steel Plate provides affordable, precision oxy-fuel cutting for heavy steel plate, 1.25” and up to 20”. Our newest machine offers 12 torches and a 22’ x 51’ The oxy-fuel machines at Steel Plate produce the highest quality and most affordable oxy-fuel cutting service to our clients in Akron and Atlanta.

Oxy-fuel cutting services at Steel Plate

Oxy-fuel cutting is a dependable process that is used to cut steel and other metals of various thicknesses using fuel gasses and oxygen. In this process, pure oxygen is used to increase the flame temperature to allow localized melting of material. In oxy-fuel cutting, a torch is used to heat metal to its kindling temperature. A stream of oxygen is then trained on the metal, burning it into a metal oxide that flows out of the kerf as dross. So, the stream of oxygen has the capacity to eliminate the liquid waste matter without disrupting the solid steel. An ongoing process called the exothermic reaction cuts the steel while the cutting torch continues to do its job.

The oxy-fuel machines at Steel Plate are known for burning steel of all shapes and sizes. We have 9 oxy-fuel machines; the newest machine has a large 22’ x 51’ table with 12 torches. With our oxy-fuel cutting services, Steel Plate is able to burn thick steel plate parts (1.25” up to 20”). We specialize mostly in burning thick steel parts, with both shops set up with crane capabilities to move heavy steel parts, we can handle more weight than most service centers. Steel Plate ensures that our oxy-fuel services will provide you a superior and high-quality finished product.

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