Steel drilling and milling services

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Steel Plate provides our clients with superior and high-quality drilling and milling services for steel, metal and other alloys. Drilling is the process of forming holes in steel and other materials utilizing a powerful drill bit. Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter in a work piece.

Steel Plate provides superior material drilling and milling services

Steel Plate is excited to add the addition of a Quickmill Intimidator 120 to our shop. For the last 10 years, the Intimidator has become the benchmark in drilling performance, with customers all over the world boasting faster production times, higher efficiencies and more workload capabilities. With a table size of 142”x162”, this machine exceeds drilling expectations by utilizing carbide single point, carbide multipoint or high-speed steel bits. The material is cooled by using a coolant from a reservoir in the drilling machine. This coolant also blows away the chips as they emerge from the drilled hole providing a smooth and high-quality finish.

Horizontal & vertical directional boring services at Steel Plate

Steel Plate offers horizontal and vertical, also known as directional boring, drilling services. Directional boring involves a pilot borehole being drilled along a pre-determined bore path from the surface with minimum disturbance. Directional boring is mainly used for making crossings under rivers, roads and existing structures, with the purpose of installing pipes and conduits to transport different types of fluids and materials.

Directional boring, or horizontal and vertical drilling, is a way to get needed utilities from one point to another without destroying the existing ground or obstacles that are in between the two points. Directional drilling goes above and beyond traditional trenching, connecting utilities and services in places that traditional trenching is impossible.

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